How it Works

How it Works

Patrons can apply for a casino marker through our mobile app or are instantly approved through the Marker Trax® verification process.
When patrons desire to draw on their line, they simply insert their player’s club card into a gaming device and access through an on-screen menu.
Once a Marker Trax® session begins, players use the downloaded funds from their Marker Trax® line to play on their gaming device as usual.
Patrons “cashout” at the end of a session where the funds are uploaded and applied towards any outstanding markers. Patrons receive any extra funds.

App Features

  • Instant verification process through iOS or Android
  • Established marker line for future use
  • Eliminates back office tracking for markers at the cage
  • Easy payment solution
  • Access to pre-approved credit lines while on the go

Online Operator Benefits

Seamless experience for operators and players
  • Increase revenue with higher coin in amounts and higher velocity of money
  • Lower operating costs by streamlining the marker issuance process and management with cashless means
  • Fully compliant with all existent gaming and financial service regulations
  • Greater efficiency and improved operations

Benefits to Sportsbooks

Seamless experience for in-person and online marker extension
  • Increased wagering volume
  • Simplified management solution preventing players from walking the money
  • Both physical and online solutions for a unified user experience
  • Fully compliant legal solutions for online and digital wagering

Go Cashless with Marker Trax® Solutions

With a range of cashless services supporting slots, table games, sports books and online applications, players achieve the freedom and efficiency of other common retail and debit platforms on the casino floor.

The result is happier customers and an opportunity for casinos to access a larger consumer base.