Reimagining Casino Markers™

Marker Trax® offers regulatory-compliant casino marker technology that reduces the risks of issuing funds.

Casino Markers Have Never Been As Convenient

The Marker Trax® casino marker system manages and issues cashless funds in a contactless, convenient, and frictionless process.
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Benefits of the Marker Trax® ApplicatioN

More efficient gaming experience for players
Quick and easy five minute approval process
Increases gaming volume and time on device
Players cannot walk the casino’s money
Cashless offers efficiency, safety and convenience

Issuing Traditional Casino Advances Has Been a Challenge

couple leaving casino up excalator

The Challenge

Issuing casino markers has a risk of not getting repaid. Casinos also have limited control over a patron walking out with borrowed cash intended for gaming.
woman holding credit line cash checks in hand

The Process

Most marker advances require a burdensome and time consuming validation process at the cage. A patron can also walk out with the casino’s cash.
person waiting in line at credit line cage

The Solution

Marker Trax offers a seamless and frictionless payback process. Players can be approved within minutes and the technology ensures users cannot walk out without paying.
“This technology will revolutionize the way casino markers are both issued by casinos and utilized by players.”

See WHY Marker Trax® is THE Leading Casino Marker Technology

Our convenient marker advance technology bridges the present and future of gaming, making Marker Trax® a leading partner in the industry.  

Being fundamentally designed for players and casinos, our holistic marker system is fit for an industry that is becoming more cashless.