Differentiate Your Casino Gaming Experience

benefits of
Marker Trax®

Bringing Value to Operators and Players

Marker Trax® is a regulatory compliant advanced marker system. Our technology and processes help casino operators reduce cash management while improving a player’s overall gaming experience.  

The mobile app allows patrons to validate an advance digitally in minutes while also enabling them to get funds issued quickly.

Benefits of the Marker Trax® System

Smooth Application & Approval

Players access a casino operator’s Marker Trax® app for iOS and Android devices. It’s a 5 minute underwriting approval process prior to starting the first gaming session.

Players Can’t Walk the Money

The Marker Trax® technology collects any dues at the end of a gaming session. As a result, the risk of a player walking out with the marker advance is eliminated.

Increase in Gaming Volume

As a more efficient gaming experience, players are able to begin their gaming session within minutes of walking on the casino floor.

Multi-Platform Solution to Strengthen Cage Operations

- Simplified integrated account to cover all wagering
- Significantly increases volume of play
- Smooth and frictionless way of accessing markers.
Benefits to Players
Our marker solution means players have a more active gaming experience with less time spent at the cage.
Marker Trax® simplifies the initial validation process for new users and substantially reduces “friction” under the current marker extension process.