A New Era of How Casino Markers Are Utilized

About Marker Trax™

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Why Marker Trax?

Marker Trax™ is a patented casino advance line system that takes the casino risk out of issuing markers to patrons. The application also makes the gaming experience more convenient and accessible to players.
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The Marker Trax Advantage

Differentiate Your Casino Experience
Increase Play  |  Patrons Cannot Walk Casino’s Money  |  Identify Problem Gaming  |  Reduce Cash on Hand Improved Casino Operations  |  More Expansive Data  |  Better Customer Service  |  Cashless  |  Safety & Security

Two Operator Systems

Available Services:

Collection Services

Marker Trax™ provides underwriting and advanced financial support to casino operators including notifications and collections.

Marker Trax™ Warranty

Through our management system option, Marker Trax™ can expedite money into the cage with a next-business-day-transfer
To learn about the Marker Trax™ application and what we do, contact us for more information.

Our Team

The Marker Trax™ team is a collective group of gaming industry experts, regulatory compliance specialists, and advanced fintech developers.  

We build patented financial technology solutions that help operators optimize their offerings, whether that’s evaluating risk, ensuring compliance, analyzing data or creating a frictionless solution to the gaming industry.

Our team has over 100 years of gaming, financial services, and technology development experience. We’re experienced in working in highly regulated markets as well as assessing and responding positively to regulatory evolution and shifting merchant requirements.