A New Era of How Casino Markers Are Utilized

About Marker Trax®

Why Marker Trax®?

Marker Trax® is a patented casino advance line system that reduces the risk of issuing markers to patrons. The application also makes the gaming experience more convenient and accessible to players.

The system provides patented financial technology solutions that helps operators optimize their offerings, whether that’s evaluating risk, ensuring compliance, analyzing data or creating a frictionless solution to the gaming industry.
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The Marker Trax® Advantage

Differentiate Your Casino Experience
Increase Play  |  Patrons Cannot Walk Casino’s Money  |  Identify Problem Gaming  |  Reduce Cash on Hand Improved Casino Operations  |  More Expansive Data  |  Better Customer Service  |  Cashless  |  Safety & Security

Operator tools

Billing Services

Marker Trax® provides underwriting and advanced financial support to casino operators including notifications and billing.

Marker Management

Casino operators can view all Marker Trax® transactions, account balances and robust reporting through their Operator Dashboard.
To learn about the Marker Trax® application and what we do, contact us for more information.